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Written by Mideast Mirror   


You can search current and past archived issues of the Mirror for specific words by typing in the word in the search box above the menu to the left. The search will return issues of the Mirror in which the word occurs. But it will only display those past and current issues to which you are subscribed.

For example, if you are subscribed only to the Israeli section of the Mideast Mirror, but not to the Arabic section, and you search for the word "Egypt", all Mirror issues falling under the Israeli section in which the word appears will display, and you can view each of these issues by clicking on its name. But if the word "Egypt" occurs in a Mirror issue falling under the Arabic section to which you have not subscribed, then that issue and others like it will not be displayed.

You can also use the search box to search for specific issues of the Mirror by typing in their index as explained in the "Mirror Archives" section.

Subscription to any section of the Mirror gives you access to all past archived Mirror issues falling under that section. Once you are subscribed, you can search all past issues of that section for specific words.